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At Smart Learning we believe that healthy fresh foods produce healthy, happy children and we believe that the quality of the food we serve has an essential part to play.


Why nursery food matters

The food children eat at nursery plays a huge role in what food they eat later in life. Children’s eating habits are formed at a very young age, and the choices, tastes and nutritional quality of the food they eat have a far reaching effect on their food preferences and health later in life.


We are committed to serving healthy, balanced and nutritious foods that give your child all of the energy they need for a

busy day of play, learning and development.


Menus are carefully planned, and a daily menu is displayed  on the Parents' noticeboard. In addition to a

balanced lunch, our children also tuck into a breakfast, afternoon tea and morning and afternoon snacks.


Mealtimes are a sociable occasion and an opportunity to learn.  We promote the children’s independence by

encouraging them to feed themselves.  Older children serve up their own lunch and even help with laying

the table.  


Children learn about healthy eating in the nursery with various projects and topics that are covered. At mealtimes staff encourage children to try different foods and talk about the importance of healthy eating to grow up healthy and strong.


We promote good manners and food etiquette, as staff sit with the children and share stories and laughter.


If your child has any special dietary needs based on medical/allergy conditions, religious, or cultural

requirements, just let us know and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Meals and Nutrition


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